Our Services

Tree Felling & Harvesting

Undertake all aspects of motor manual and mechanical tree felling; clear felling, brashing of trees, thinning operations, individual tree removal, clearing ride lines, cutting road lines/extraction routes and tidying up/making safe windblown trees and storm damage. Currently employ 17 chainsaw qualified operators and operate 3 excavator based harvesting machines, one is a low ground pressure machine.

Removal of Non-Native Species

Carry out the large scale removal of non-native tree and plant species, some are also evasive such as rhododendron and diseased (e.gphytophthoraramorum). Removal can be mechanical, motor manual or by hand using hand tools or by pulling, dependent on size. Most of the sites worked are sensitive, with very specific management direction.

Arboriculture Works

Take on arboricultural works, crown lifting, crown reductions, removal of deadwood and sectional dismantling of trees. Operatives are trained and competent in both Tree Climbing and MEWP operations. Recently the majority of this type of work undertaken has been on roadside trees following tree safety surveys which have also required Traffic Management. On most occasions, this is provided in-house with suitably qualified operatives and chapter 8 Traffic Management kits (Cones, Signs and stop/go boards).

Rope Access Tree & Forestry Works

Carry out spraying and chainsaw works on steep and inaccessible sites e.g river gorges. The operatives hold both IRATA and NPTC competencies.

Chemical Weed Control

Undertake large scale, knapsack based, spraying operations, currently employ 18 qualified PA1 & PA6 operatives. The type of works undertaken is Rhododendron spraying using a herbicide to treat cut stumps, re-growth, small seedlings and bushes 1m, chemical weeding and treatment of young trees for protection against pests. Routinely work on sensitive sites such as SSSIs.

Woodland Maintenance & Conservation

On a smaller scale, the company takes on woodland maintenance works, grass cutting, scrub flailing, path and fence maintenance, planting works, tree shelter installation and maintenance, bracken control and hedge cutting.